dimanche 29 janvier 2012

'Un même mot peut recouvrir plusieurs réalités'

I don't know why I haven't seen before this advertisement from Orange. I came across it thanks to a comment posted by Julie Charmand on Julia Gueron's blog post 'Buy this article. Or Love it. Either or.' on My French Life.  Thanks ladies.

French version:

The ad emphasises that even when we communicate in our own language without concerns about cultural misunderstandings that words can still have various meanings and therefore can be construed differently. Only two examples are given for each of the words in these ads unlike in the video 'Le mot indispensable en français' which show just about endless possibilities for one single word depending on the nuance.

English version:

2 commentaires:

  1. Very interesting. I don't think the English ones work as well - shock and balls in particular - but being a translator I can identify with the problem! I think they should have replaced the ones that don't work. But this reminds me of an Australian friend's experience of living in France without speaking French. Her surname was Devine. When she went to the drycleaner's and they asked her name, she replied "Devine" and they thought she meant "Guess" of course and were rather taken aback.

    1. What a hilarious anecdote about your friend. I imagine there were puzzled glances on both sides.


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