vendredi 13 janvier 2012

Paris Pastry iPhone App

I confess to not having heard of David Lebovitz, the American pastry chef and cooking book author, who has lived in Paris since 1999. His book 'The Sweet Life in Paris' not only tells about personal adjustments required when living in Paris but also includes around 50 recipes.

In December David released his iPhone app 'Paris Pastry'. (I love my Android phone but sometimes I really wish I had the ubiquitous iPhone.) The paid app includes more than 300 pastry and chocolate shops in Paris. There is also a free 'lite' version which provides a free preview of the top 25. There are also plans to release an ebook version of the information later this month. It sounds like a very useful application but unfortunately early reviews on iTunes of the app are not favourable. People seem to be impressed with the contents but they note issues in the execution of the app. They say it keeps closing down and is slow to load. Problems with the maps are also noted. Quel dommage! Hopefully they will sort all of this out quickly.  With the plethora of smartphone applications for Paris I can see that the landscape of tourists clutching their guidebooks will be replaced with those glued to their telephone screens seeking out the hidden secrets of Paris.

What are your favourite smartphone applications you use when visiting France?  I plan to do a post on these in the future.  

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  1. Thanks for that one! I wasn't aware of it. I'll download it and see how it goes. My favourites are mobiltag to find out when the bus is coming, what's app to have free text messages everywhere in the world, my airport & invis Paris. I've reviewed them on my blog in a post entitled 3 iPhone Apps & free wifi so that you can connect to the free Paris wifi system to use them. LaFourchette is good too with information, reservations and reductions for restaurants. Météo Paris, Plans, RATP, Pages Jaunes & AroundMe are great too. Le Routard, the favourite French tourist guide is available as an App as well at 4.99 euros a time.

  2. I didn't know about the free wifi system in Paris. THANK YOU so much for the information in your post. It is full of goodies.

    Applications like 'WhatsApp' are wonderful for free SMS. 'Viber' is another cross-platform application which also provides free calls. A year ago I didn't even know what 'cross- platform application meant.

    Some of the apps you have mentioned I am familiar with, others are completely new to me. I will need to update my lists of apps:
    * Travelling -
    * Communication -
    * Language -

    These lists are still very much 'works in progress'. There are new apps coming out all the time.

    Having only recently discovered your blog I am still catching up with previous posts on your blog. I am so enjoying reading it. It is wonderful to have you on the ground there letting us in on your insights and secrets of Paris as well as sharing your daily news.


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