lundi 30 avril 2012

Customised Pâtisserie and Design Guide Google Maps for Paris

Imagine my excitement when I found whilst researching for my 3 month stay in France two customised maps for Paris in Google Maps from two of my favourite blogs! I intend putting these to good use over the next few weeks. I have Google Maps loaded on my Android phone so I will be able to follow them without carrying around reams of paper or heavy guide books. I will use the free WiFi that is available in Paris wherever possible. (see Aussie in France '3 iPhone Apps for Paris and WiFi')

Note: To access these maps click on the link below each map.

Paris Pâtisseries' Best Pastry Shops in Paris
A map of the 12 best pastry shops in Paris, as endorsed by Paris Pâtisseries. I am not intending to limit myself to 12 pâtisseries but it is helpful to have a starting point.

Paris Design Guide
The Paris Design Guide map was compiled by Anne Ditmeyer and recently updated (January 2012). Additional information about the various stop off points can be found on the Design Sponge 'Paris Design Guide (Update)' page. I highly recommend referring to this page in conjunction with the map.

View Paris Design Guide in a larger map

Note: Design Sponge has Design Guides for cities all over the world - Design Sponge City Guides

Creating custom Google Maps
If you find these maps useful you may like to create one of your own. I haven't tried it yet but intend to map out some of my favourite spots in France following my trip so that I can refer back to it later. I have recently bought a new camera with GPS so this should help not only identify the points in my photos but also allow me to map my travels. 

For detailed information see: Custom Maps

2 commentaires:

  1. Perhaps if you made a pact to always walk to each patisserie you might manage to fit in quite a few before the tell tale signs of where you've been and what you've eaten begin to show!!

    Not certain of your departure date, but when it comes I hope you have a wonderful visit.

    1. I will keep you posted how I go with the 'battle of the bulge' whilst in France. Although I am eating a lot more pastries, cheeses, etc I am doing a lot more walking. Which wouldn't be hard seeing I usually do none!


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