jeudi 19 avril 2012

Living on the Edge on the Sunshine Coast

This post has been written with the assistance of our kind host, Ron.

Our first day on the Sunshine Coast we toured the iconic Queensland Scenic Rim. This geographical treasure is world reknowned. The Glass House Mountains were the target of our journey. They were readily observed from the multiple vantage points offered by the high elevation of the sinuous narrow road along the rim. The visitor could not fail to be impressed by the many historic restored buildings that ranged in size from modest to mammoth and now housing restaurants, tearooms, bed and breakfasts and museums. 

Sunshine Coast Hinterland
We began our visits with the charming olde worlde village of Montville with its typical Queensland styled timbered buildings and eco friendly colours. The local park was studded with colourful trees and generously endowed with walking tracks and surrounded by cute restaurants with their uniquely tantalising menus. Perhaps even more memorable for the many visitors are the magnificent views visible from these establishments. En route we saw plantations with their impressively large, healthy macadamia trees. Our attention drawn by the grandeur of the Glass House Mountains we lost ourselves and travelled primitive tracks that wound around their base. Losing ourselves on the track and lost in the wilderness of the Sunshine Coast hinterland we were prevented from finding a coffee oasis to feed our caffeine cravings. By this time, with weather closing in on the not so sunny Sunshine Coast, our enthusiasm for a closer inspection of the mountains had waned. The fuel gauge provided an additional imperative to cutting short our outing. We returned home to our beach house tired but elated from our wonderful day. A glass of wine helped restore the sapped energy levels.

2 commentaires:

  1. WAH! This makes me miss Australia...and that nice, hot Queensland weather!

    1. Another beautiful day today in paradise (aka Queensland). Watched the surfers off Alexandra Headland this evening. It may not be France, but still a very special time.


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