mercredi 25 avril 2012

Aussie in France Blog and Blogging Buddy

When I started blogging earlier this year little did I know that I would make friends across the world. I have been especially fortunate to find in Fraussie Grouet of Aussie in France a blogging buddy and friend. She has critiqued my posts and constantly provides encouragement and support. She even managed to persuade me to give Twitter another try.  We frequently chat on Skype and this has provided lots of inspirations for posts. I can't highly enough recommend to bloggers the benefits of finding a kindred soul in the blogging world.

I have been motivated to restart my own weightloss venture after following Fraussie's 'How I lost 20 kilos after 50, for good' inspirational series of posts. It is wonderful to read about someone's personal journey with food and weightloss which in so many ways mirrors my own. If I, or others have questions, we know we can ask them and Fraussie will help us out with her guidance, wisdom and reality check.

With my fascination with food and all things French it is not so surprising that my other favourite posts are about eating and drinking. I am so looking forward to when I arrive in Paris next week to working through Fraussie's Five Places to Lunch near the Louvre in Paris along with her 3 Places for an Apéritif in Paris.  Interesting how I have embraced these posts but have not yet to be motivated to take up Fraussie's passion for cycling. That said, Fraussie has invited me to stay with her at her new Renaissance home in Blois and to go cycling with her. I laughed when she asked me if I cycled. I confirmed that I knew that bikes are the things with two wheels. She tells me that these days they come with gears and hand brakes. Personally, I am more interested in visiting the restaurants and cafés that she mentions but I will give cycling in the Loire Valley a try with my mentor and friend. I will have to get her to promise not to blog about my inevitable cycling mishaps and lack of prowess and stamina.

If you have enjoyed the Aussie in France blog as I have, please consider voting for it in the Sydney Writers' Centre Best Australian Blogs 2012 Competition.

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  1. Wishing you safe travel and a wonderful time in France. Perhaps one day we'll be there at the same time!
    Bon voyage...

    1. Thanks Gaynor for your kind wishes. I will be back in France at the end of November through to mid-January but I assume that you will probably not be there then. Perhaps next year we will both be there at the same time.


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