jeudi 12 avril 2012

Le Petit Prince Animation

I have found some wonderful resources for studying French since joining Twitter. People everwhere are very generous about creating and sharing resources. 

For a number of years I have been very fortunate accessing a wealth of information on the provided by the New Zealand French Teachers Association and the French Embassy in New Zealand. More recently I have discovered another very generous French teacher: Sylvia Duckworth, from Toronto, Canada. Whilst the resources are primarily aimed for use in the classroom, many of them are also very useful for independent learners.

This week both Froggieflo (from NZ) and Sylvia kindly shared a YouTube playlist of Le Petit Prince read in French with animations. Like many others I suspect, I studied this beautiful book at school. I am now looking forward to setting aside some time to revisit it in a new and innovative manner.

YouTube playlist (broken down into chapters): Le Petit Prince

Complete video:

4 commentaires:

  1. Merci beaucoup! Ces sont des bons résources!

  2. Bonjour et merci pour le lien à notre site K, c est vraiment sympa ces apprentissages et ces partages réciproques!


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