dimanche 1 avril 2012

Podcast: One Thing in a French Day

One Thing in a French Day is described as a "A small slice of a Frenchwoman's day - in France and in French". Since 2006 Laetitia has been sharing snippets of her day through podcasts each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

You can listen to the podcasts by:

These entertaining podcasts are very useful as they use both interesting and common scenarios with everyday language. The pace is suitable for both intermediate and advanced French language learners. The podcasts are accompanied by a full transcript of the podcast so if you miss something it is easy to look them up.

If you are a lover of French pastries and want to learn how to pronounce some of your favorites, you will enjoy her slide show of both homemade and artisan prepared pastries.

For other ideas for learning French: Learning French: Starting over again (Part 2)

Thank you to Andrew from the Adelaide University of the Third Age for reminding me about this great resource for French language learners. 

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