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Centre Pompidou and the Matisse Exhibition

Centre Pompidou foyer
More than ten years ago I visited Centre Pompidou for the first time. It was extremely hot and we waited a long to get through security due to the implemenation of security checks in response to 09/11. At the time we couldn't even find where to get tickets so we didn't get to see any of the art works.

Fast forward ten years and the situation was very different. It was very wet and cold and consequently relatively few people so I breezed through security. I even managed to avoid the queue for tickets by purchasing through the automatic ticketing machine. It should be noted that in spite of having a card with a chip and a 4 digit PIN I had not previously been able to make purchases such as at the railway station using kiosk machines.

I had intended to eat in the restaurant on the 6th floor to take advantage of the view. If you plan eating at this restaurant you may want to check out the prices. It was more than I was willing to pay for a light snack. Instead I chose to eat at the café on the mezzanine floor overlooking the lobby. If circumstances were different and the weather was fine I may well have eaten at the restaurant as it did look nice as did the view, or as much as I could make out in the rain and low cloud. I have read that it is possible just to have a glass of champagne there, but I am not able to confirm this nor to confirm if it is possible to just have a coffee.
Great sense of motion in this 3D artwork
I had timed my visit to see the Matisse: Pairs and Sets exhibition which looks at Matisse's works where he explored the same subject repeatedly. As someone who knows very little about art, I thought it prudent to hire an audioguide to explain what I was seeing. They are available in English but wanting to immerse myself in the language I chose the French version. It was certainly worthwhile but I was extremely fortunate to be able to sit in on a professional art guide from the museum presenting Matisse's artworks to a group of school children. His interesting and informative discourse really made the experience extra special. I was able to get a lot more out of the visit and was able to much better appreciate the works.
This 2m high installation was quite beautiful
My feet started to give out by the time I descended to the permanent collection which spans two floors. I have to confess that there were quite a lot of works in the section from 1960s to present, that I really couldn't appreciate their artistic merit. One canvas was just navy blue. Nothing else. No texture, no lines, no variation in shade.  I confess - I just don't get some modern art.
Is this really art? Or is it, that I just don't get it?
Things you may not know about Centre Pompidou:
  • If you want to skip the queues for the tickets it is possible to prepurchase online full-priced tickets. You then print the ticket out yourself. 
  • For 3 € you can access the 6th floor and  its panoramic view without purchasing a ticket for the art gallery and exhibitions.
  • You can visit for free the recreated studio of the Romanian born sculptor Brancusi.
  • Like many French museums and art galleries admission is free for visitors under 26 years old from the European Union and the first Sunday of each month.
  • There is 1 1/2 hours free WiFi access daily within the centre and its forecourt. You don't need to have a ticket to access this. For more information:  CENTRE POMPIDOU FREE WIFI ACCESS
I love the contrast of the modern and the old next to Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidouplace Georges Pompidou, 75004 PARIS

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