mercredi 21 mars 2012

Paris: People Watching at a Café

One of my favourite activities in France is people watching when I am at a café. The chairs in front of the café are carefully positioned to directly face the street. They are inviting you to join in this traditional French past-time. I love the fact that I can order an espresso and then have the right to sit at the table for almost as long as I like watching the world go past. No need to even pretend to be doing something else such as reading the paper. I am of course welcome to read, study, chat etc but just looking is a perfectly acceptable.

Sonia Gil of 'Sonia's Travel' motto is: Every Place Has a Secret Code. I Get a Kick Out of Finding It. Her video of people watching certainly reflects one of France's 'secret codes'.  She has 8 videos in her YouTube France Travels play list should you need more of a French fix.  Every Thursday she releases a new travel video (not just France) and on Mondays she now also releases a vlog (video log). 

Her first two vlogs have some very interesting information about language learning. She suggests that the minute you start learning a language, e.g; French, you implant a seed of Frenchiness within you.  She adds, that she does believe that languages open the doors to new cultures, but it is up to you how far past that door you go. I totally agree on both counts. I am always appreciative to have found someone voice the thoughts that I share but have been unable to put into words.

You can view more of Sonia's videos on:

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