vendredi 9 mars 2012

Learning French: - Free language tutorials

I am a huge fan of the linguist Jennifer Wagner and her easy to navigate site and her 'Jennie n'est plus en France' blog. The site covers a number of languages but for me the huge attraction is the abundance of free quality French learning resources. I particular like Jennifer's practical and realistic approach in recognising the importance of learning French as it is spoken and not just looking at the written French. 

The site is divided into the following main sections:

French: This part of the site is where you can learn French online for free. It includes phrases, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and listening resources.  The resources are well indexed and logically grouped. They are complemented by MP3 recordings, audio vocabulary lists, exercises and in some cases 'Real French' audio files to help improve aural comprehension. There is a an extremely useful section on Informal French

FranceThis section includes information for English Assistants as well as general information for expats living in France.

Realia: A treasure trove of authentic language resources. It highlights French objects and places that are different from their American counterparts. The differences often exist equally with English and Australian counterparts.

BlogJennifer covers a huge range of topics in her posts including culture, language learning, managing French bureaucacy and travel. She writes clearly and succintly and touches on topics interesting to not only French language learners but to anyone with an interest in language learning. 

Podcasts: Authentic recordings with transcripts are added here. They may be difficult at first but they are a great way to extend yourself when learning French.

Travel: Jennifer shares with her readers her photos, videos and travel tips. This is the first place I have found a cheap option to get from the airport in Lyon to Annecy.

There are also sections for learning other languages and linguistics.

I hope you find the site as interesting and useful as I do.

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