jeudi 8 mars 2012

Learning French (and other languages): Pronunciator

This video cleverly illustrates numerous emotions through the use of simple graphics. No need here for a translation in English, Spanish, Korean etc.

If you like this then you probably will also enjoy the lessons provided online at Pronunciator says it is the 'world's largest language-learning service'. It has 60 languages available to  learn. The interface is not restricted to anglophones. You select the language you speak and which you would like to learn, from Afrikaans to Vietnamese. It looks like an ideal programme if you want to learn the basics of a language for travel. Not only do you get the vocabulary but the pronunciation as well using speech recognition software. Progression is tracked in the full version. 

Pronunciator has exercises in French across a range of levels. There are three access options for the product:

  • There is limited free access which gives you plenty of opportunity to see if you want to pay the addtional ongoing monthly fee for the full version. 
  • The full version includes access to up to 354 hours of downloadable MP3 audio lessons per language. 
  • Free access is available to the full range of products and services using a library card number via remote access where the library subscribes to Pronunciator. 
I don't know what the retention rate is for language learning through this method but it certainly is a convenient adjunct to other tools for the motivated independent learner.

2 commentaires:

  1. Now this is what I needed BEFORE I went to Spain! But then I wouldn't have gone looking for a restaurant called the Bacalao instead of one that served cod!

    1. I laughed reading your post 'The Bacalao in Madrid' about the confusion with the 'cod'. I am going to have 10 days in Andolusie, Spain in July.  Although I will be with a Spanish friend I will try the Spanish part of the programme to at least try and learn some basics.


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