mardi 17 juillet 2012

Christian and Islamic Cultures Come Together in Córdoba

Islamic influence in Córdoba 
Córdoba, in Andalusia, is reported to have the highest summer average in Europe. It certainly was hot when I visited with friends, Isa and Julio. Apart from the heat, I was struck me by the Islamic influence in the architecture and decoration. I was very much reminded of my stay at Riad Sekkat in Marrakech. Córdoba, historically was Spain's most significant Islamic city.

Part of the Great Mosque complex
Great Mosque gardens and courtyard
Some of the Islamic elements in the Great Mosque
The Great Mosque is considered to be the city's main tourist attraction and can be found in the heart of the old town. The old town is one of the largest in Europe and is probably best explored when the temperatures are not in the range of more than 40°C. The mosque is rather unusual in that since the 15th century it has been a Christian cathedral. 
Córdoba Cathedral's ornate altar within the Great Mosque 
Beautifully maintained buildings
Ceramics are well known in Andalousie and this café has their tapas menu on ceramic tiles  

For friendly service, cold beer and some great jamon and tapas (including my favourite croquettes which were so light and fluffy), I can highly recommend the Bodegas Campos Taverna.

If you are thinking of visiting Andalusie, then Córdoba should definitely be on your list of places to see.

Los Lineros, 32
14002 Cordoba Espana

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  1. Cordoba is exactly as I remember when I went there in 1977. I've been trying to go there every since. Your photos have spurred me on to do so.

  2. Vraiment très très beau...merci pour cette visite :-)

  3. Lovely pics. The architecture looks very interesting.

  4. Increible, Cordoba es preciosa, una maravilla


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