lundi 2 avril 2012

Plant your Language Garden with Memrise

During the more than 10 years that I have been learning French I have tried many online applications in my quest to improve my French vocabulary. I have found Memrise particularly effective with its scientific basis and combination of learning with fun. The competitive aspects as you climb leader boards can become addictive. I have even lost track of time sometimes when learning vocabulary (playing). If you love using mnemonics and find them helpful you will love Memrise. 

Memrise has been designed to help you connect with the new words that you choose to add to your sets. It does this with mems.
Mems is our natty word for the morsels of interesting and relevant information you see beneath every word on Memrise. Mems can be mnemonics, etymologies, amusing videos, photos, example sentences: anything which helps connect what you’re learning and bring it to life. (
In addition to the videos showing people using the word or acting the word out, many of the words also have audio files. When you start, a few words (known as seeds) are presented at a time and then you are tested. Once you have learnt them, they are placed in your garden. The garden requires watering and this is done by scientifically calculated repetitions and timeframes to maximise learning. 

The other feature of Memrise is its community. It is an invaluable resource. I can tap in to what someone else has found useful to help them learn or I can create a new mem. 

Development of an iOS application is currently being undertaken. 

Memrise is a great tool for independent language learners who want to improve their vocabulary.

If you haven't tried Memrise before, have a look and leave your comments below.

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