samedi 2 juin 2012

Market Day and Haircut in Romans

Friday is one of the market days in Romans-sur-Isère. I would be exaggerating if I said the market is 30 metres from my front door. It is 25 metres. The market was predominantly fruit and vegetable, with some cheese, meat and spices. Unusual for a French market ,there was no bread on sale. The quality was very good but not as good as at Courbevoie. I was amazed at the very small number of people attending the market. Most stalls only had a handful of people at them. Without exception every stall-holder that I spoke to was extremely friendly. As has been my experience throughout my stay in Romans, people were quite happy to stop and chat.

Walking home
I knew that with 3 months holiday in France that I would need to get my hair done here. I asked my hosts, Eric and Alain, who they would recommend. Consequently I made an appointment to have my hair cut and coloured at Dessange, a rather well-known chain of hairdressers in France (with salons internationally). I figured that it was better to pay the extra and to be assured of a good result. Luckily they were able to fit me in around their commitment to sponsoring the Cannes Film Festival.  

The 1870 mansion was impressive if not intimidating. The staff were very friendly and welcoming. I was given the opportunity to hang up my bag in the cloak area or take it with me. I was assisted into what looked like a brand-new white wraparound gown that actually had enough material to properly wrap around. The staff were all dressed in crisp white uniforms without a hint of dye marking any of them. I don't know who does their laundry, but they are to be commended. Their aprons were clear disposable plastic which helped maintain the cleancut, professional appearance. 
Dessange Hairdresser's building in Romans

My colourist seated me and discussed with me the options for my colour. Let's be honest here - this is scary stuff when negotiating in a second language in which you are a long way from being fluent. The sample matched my hair so I felt reasonably confident. The stylist then came and spoke to me. I couldn't stop looking at her eyelashes. They were so thick and long. Could they be real? Trying not to be distracted, I grabbed my smartphone to show her the photos that I had the foresight to have taken last time I had my hair cut at home. Colouring was done in a separate room (cabinet). I found out that hairdressers do a two year basic course and then another two years to train as either a stylist or colourist. No wonder these young women knew their stuff. Everything looked like it was going well until I glanced at the lady next to me. Her hair was vibrant purple. It was supposed to be that way. Thankfully there were no mishaps with my colour.
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The salon was light and airy, and very beautiful. I loved the placement of contemporary furniture alongside the traditional features of the building including parquetry and ornate paintwork and plasterwork. On top of that, the furniture was comfortable. Really comfortable. There was no skimping here. When it was time to have my hair washed the chair reclined back electronically and then massaged me. Rather luxurious. Instead of staring at a blank ceiling, I admired the beautiful paintwork on the 4 metre high ceilings. It is interesting to note that with the current exchange rate, I paid the same price as I do in Adelaide, Australia at my local suburban salon. I am very pleased with the results, both the colour and the cut and would have no hesitation in recommending Dessange in Romans-sur-Isère.

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  1. Et une photo du résultat alors?

  2. I'm intrigued to to see the result too.

    I find that whenever I have my hair cut and coloured the first thing I do when I get home is to wash my hair again. Crazy!

    1. You can see the result in my post on 3 June. The cut supposedly requires blowdrying and straightening but I don't bother. No doubt it would be better if I did. I love how clean my hair feels after shampooing at the hairdresser. If they add product (which I usually refuse) then it goes crazy the next day.


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