lundi 2 janvier 2012

Haute Provence with Lingua Franca Tours

In December 2010 I had the pleasure of meeting the charming, dynamic Ruth Bourchier, New Zealand National Language Adviser (French) at a conference in Sydney.  In January, Ruth will be finishing up in her role and will be leading language, cultural and gastronomic immersion tours in Haute Provence.  In partnership with Vincent Mespoulet, a colleague from Manosque, she will be leading two 14-day language, cultural and gastronomic immersion tours in the Haute Provence region in May and June. Vincent has devised a varied and wonderful range of activities and found a magnificent 18th century home-away-from-home where participants will be based, complete with resident gourmet chef who also does cooking classes on request.

If you have Francophile friends who are learning French or who would be interested in improving their communication skills in real situations rather than in a classroom please send them this link to their website and encourage them to contact Ruth for further details. 
Although the site refers to Kiwi francophones, Australian participants are more than welcome!

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