mercredi 1 février 2012

Paris: The unexplicable lure

What is it about Paris that captures our imaginations and takes hold of our hearts?  It would be easy to say I wish I knew, but truthfully I don't care too much if I don't know.  I am more than content that Paris takes over my being.  Analysing it won't change how I feel.

I smiled when I read the post 'The Heart Rules the Head' by Susan Ross Donohue. She eloquently captures my feelings and emotions about Paris.  She and I share the same sensation on arriving at Charles de Gaulle.

ABCs of Travel  - Greatest feeling while travelling: Flying into Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.  I get very emotional. I feel that I am coming home in spite of never having lived in France although I am convinced that in another life I lived there. 

Mind you, n
othing very romantic or alluring about Aérogare 1.

Susan provides her list of 'comfort places' where she needs to get to as soon as she can upon arrival.  So it's not just me after all!  My list is not exactly the same as Susan's but it is interesting to see that there are quite a few common elements. I arrive at 6.00am after more than 22 hours of travelling but no rest for me. I need my Paris fix  and to reassure myself that everything is where it should be, and as it should be.  

Susan mentions thousands of others exhibiting this 'crazy behaviour'.  I am glad to know that I am not alone.  I have a circle of female friends who to varying degrees are under the Paris spell but I don't know of any men that have succumbed in the same way to the lure.  They must exist.  I am sure of it, even if they represent a small proportion of the Paris 'groupies'.

Whilst I am inextricably drawn to Paris, I still spend more of my time in France out of Paris than in Paris.  I am attracted not just by one region but by many.  So there it is.  I admit it.  I don't have just one French love, but many.  Each of them special.

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  1. Kathy,
    As I remember the arrival in Paris, getting out on the freeway was a pure nightamre!
    Which direction to take A1, A2,or A3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry not romantic:)

    1. Definitely have to agree with you regarding that. Merci Lucette for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  2. Don't you feel that the Garnier opera looks like a wedding cake :D

    1. It does look a bit like a wedding cake.... a very pretty one!

  3. I confess, I also spend time out of Paris. Who can resist the Loire Valley, Provence and the Riviera? Still, Paris is Paris and there's no getting away from it :)

    1. I know I can't resist the Loire Valley and Provence along with Normandy, Burgundy, Rhone Alpes, Perigord, Lot, Dordogne, Beaujolais, Alsace, Corsica ... I have only spent a couple of days in the Riviera but so far it hasn't 'grabbed' me. I need to go back and properly explore it. However, as you say Paris is Paris, and she has totally seduced me.

  4. Hi,
    I love Paris, as much for how it makes me feel. as the beautiful architecture, art and everything that comes with it. When I'm there I feel young (which I'm not), carefree (which I'm not) and happy (which I am not always)! I always find different things to see and see the same things differently. I suppose I've only visited about ten times - sometimes for just a day, but I hope to visit more when I retire.

    I love the Rhone Alpes, particularly the Haute Savoie, and we have a holiday home in the Touraine. There are so many lovely regions ...

    BTW I've enjoyed reading your blog.

  5. Thank you Gaynor for letting me know you enjoyed reading the blog. I started it a couple of months ago to more easily share information avec mes amies francophiles here in Australia. It is lovely having a francophile blogger from the UK drop by. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog. I admit that I am more than a little envious of your holiday home in the Touraine. :)

    It is so true what you have written about how Paris makes one feel. You have made me realise now why I suddenly decided a couple of weeks ago to travel to France for 3 months this year.


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