dimanche 13 novembre 2011

Why a blog as well as a Wiki?

I could never work out why people created both blogs as well as a Wiki. Having tried to work with the Wiki only I have finally figured out why both are needed.

The Wiki is a repository of information that we collaborative work on. It is similar to the reference section in your library where you can go to find information about travelling in France, French grammar, or French influenced shops in Australia.

The blog however is more like a newsletter, an alert if you like. Some of these items may find their way into the Wiki. For example, I may discover a wonderful new grammar site. I will share it on the blog (which keeps a chronological list) and add it to the list of sites on the Wiki. If however I find out that 'French Food Safari' is to be rebroadcast on SBS I will just post this on the blog.

I am not at all creative or a good writer so most of what you will find here will be links to other sites that I have found useful or interesting.

As always feedback is greatly appreciated.

Bonne lecture!

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