dimanche 13 novembre 2011

Thank you for ... Merci pour or Merci de?

The Thank you for ... Merci pour or Merci de? page comes from Frenchspanishonline.com which has lots of useful resources. I particularly like their French Daily Expressions for learning idiomatic expressions.

I keep getting confused regarding 'merci de' vs 'merci pour' but this webpage and the video break it down quite simply. The video is a little long-winded running for more than 5 minutes. The webpage however succintly summarises the key information. 

Note: If the verb takes 'être' in the passé composé you will still need to use 'être' with the verb in the past e.g. Merci d'être venu.

Merci de (pour) votre attention et d'avoir lu cet article. 

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