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Learning French: New Caledonia - August 2012

This year Anne-Marie and I had the pleasure of attending a two week programme at Centre de Rencontres et d'Echanges Internationaux du Pacifique (CREIPAC) in Noumea. It was my first time doing a linguistic stay in New Caledonia but it was Anne-Marie's third. 

We had the pleasure of meeting 5 other Australiennes d'un certain âge.  It was a fun group who all enjoyed a passion for the language and travel. There were different accommodation options available: hotel, apartment and homestay. I chose the homestay, as did Anne-Marie, as I feel that this is the best way to progress my French. I had a wonderful family and hope to go back and stay with them again. Next year they will come and stay with me in Adelaide. Ghislaine, our teacher was wonderful. The activities were always interesting and fun. Grammar, vocabulary, cultural input and pronunciation were all interwoven into lessons and covered as needed when needed. This kept the information relevant and timely. There is a lot of student involvement with plenty of chance to refine your conversation skills.

In 2012 CREIPAC is offering a 3 week course of 45 hours lessons for advanced students.  The course will be on from 6 to 24 August 2012. (74,500 CFP about AUD$840). Accommodation and airport transfers are extra and can be arranged through CREIPAC.

Anne-Marie and I are both hoping to attend in August 2012. If you have more questions that you think either of us can help with please do not hesitate to contact us. If you wish to proceed, you will need to enrol on the CREIPAC website.  

If there are sufficient numbers we may be able to approach a travel agent for a group discount for our flights. Please therefore let us know if you are enrolling.

For more information and to enrol:

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